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A headteacher's leadership role today has become increasingly complex with demands for time and attention coming from all directions, including parents, staff, pupils, government directives, Ofsted/Estyn .....

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These many and varied demands can at times almost seem to distract from the prime objective of facilitating excellent teaching and learning in your school.

Our aim is to bring down both your stress levels and workload giving you more time and energy to focus on teaching and learning issues within the school and the continuing striving to be and remain an outstanding school – or better.

Primary School Management have developed a range of school management resources which offer simple and effective strategies to make the tasks that you have to undertake more manageable and less time-consuming.

All our products are written by experienced educationalists and are designed to make primary school management and leadership less stressful.

Our primary school management products are available on a downloadable basis only and we do not send out products on CD ROM. By delivering our products this way we are able to:

  • keep our overheads to a minimum and therefore keep our products competitively priced.
  • deliver your purchased product directly to your desktop so that you can start using it straight away.

So whether you are new to management or have years of experience, our products will:

  • save you time by reducing some of the onerous burdens of your role.
  • help to reduce your workload
  • provide you with an ever increasing catalogue of effective and efficient primary school management material
  • keep you up to date with educational change

Primary School Management, in conjunction with Policies for Schools, will assist school leaders and managers in their quest for whole school excellence. 

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